Zecora is a zebra who lives in the Everfree Forest. Originally from a far-off land, Zecora came to the Ponyville area some time ago and settled in the Everfree Forest because of the wide array of useful herbs and flowers found in it.

Mysterious and strange, Zecora normally keeps to herself, but is always willing to help those that brave the trek to see her. She was alone and feared in Ponyville for a long time, and cherishes those that have become her friends.


Zecora frequently speaks in verse. The reason for this is unclear. She is also known to speak in a foreign language on occasions, presumably her native language.

She seems to have great love for her homeland, as her entire hut is garnished with items from there.

Zecora's special talent is preparing natural cures and remedies from herbs and plants. She also seems to have a mystical sixth sense about plants and has an incredible sense of balance.

Her appearance and sometimes abrupt method of speaking can be intimidating to others who do not know her. She is primarily found in her hut in the forest and rarely ventures out. This is not due to unfriendliness on her part; she is simply busy hunting down plants and roots and preparing medicines from them, which consumes a large amount of her time.

Zecora's Hut

The path to Zecora's Hut has been made relatively safe to travel with the addition of Wardwood along the path. It is unlikely for dangerous creatures to appear near the path, but not impossible.

At the end of the path is Zecora's Hut the grounds she keeps around it. These include two a huge vegetable garden, a huge flower garden, and a Greenhouse for more exotic plants. Zecora grows many Magical Plants in these places with many beneficial or sometimes harmful effects.


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