Winona is Applejack's dog and lives on Sweet Apple Acres, where she's a working dog. In both behavior and appearance, Winona resembles a border collie, which are natural animal herders.


Like any dog, Winona is loyal to those who have been kind to her. She is obedient to all of the adult Apples and listens most of the time to Apple Bloom. She is naturally curious and playful, but when there's work to be done she's all business.


Winona spends most of her time on Sweet Apple Acres, but takes great delight in accompanying Applejack into town on errands or herding Apple Bloom (and her friends) to and from school. Quite by accident she found herself in the Day Palace after she fell asleep under the seat of Princess Luna's Carriage. She was found by Princess Celestia snacking in her ante-chamber. After some unsuccessful initial communications, the princess bestowed the power of pony speech on Winona for a few hours, much to the delight of all who conversed with her for that short time. (Winona speaks pony with a similar accent as the other Apples.) She used to pal around with Angel Bunny until the bunny became mean and abusive toward her.


  • Equestrian Kennel Club; Champion Herding Dog
  • Official Royal Proclamation; "Winona is a good dog." HRH Celestia

Player Notes

"The Collie Code:" One arf, "Yes!" Two arfs, "No." Arf, arf, arf means "I don't know."
Winona's player does use this code in game and other players may use it to engage in simple conversations with her.

Winona's player often utilizes the account to offer scene narration and portray supporting background roles or other temporary characters. A common Alt for Winona's account is a young, male cross fox who occasionally troubles Fluttershy's hen house and the other woodland creatures under her care. Her account has also been used to portray the Weather Captain, Rainbow Dash's supervisor.


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