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Running of the leaves

Running of the Leaves Map, by The Gneech

Whitetail Wood is a lush, scenic forest east of Ponyville. Unlike the Everfree Forest, Whitetail Wood is part of Equestria's ecosystem, and managed by ponies. In addition to a variety of trails and recreational areas, sap is harvested in the forest.

The Running of the Fall Leaves

Also referred to as the "Running of the Leaves" or ROTFL/ROTL, this annual "race" is actually just an pretext for sending as many ponies as possible running through the woods to shake the ground, causing the autumn leaves to fall off the trees. It is a long and arduous run, one that most foals (and many adult ponies) cannot complete. Naturally, certain very competitive ponies sometimes get carried away and put a lot more effort into trying to "win" than they do in making sure the leaves fall.

The Running of the Leaves traditionally comes two weeks after Nightmare Night (and one week after the end of Apple Bucking Season).