Twitterponies Wiki

TwitterPonies is moving from Twitter to Mastodon! Want to join in? Follow these steps:

  1. Open Mastodon in your browser or download and install the Mastodon mobile app.
  2. Go to Ponies.Social
  3. Create an account (or multiple accounts, one for each character) with exactly the same name(s) you’ve used all this time (though you’re also free to vary the name, if you want), or even create a new character!
  4. Get verified. Our mods will verify you as fast as they can, but be patient, it may take a while (it has to be done by hoof).
  5. Follow mlp_mod with all your accounts.
  6. Start RolePlaying (RPing)! You can view who mlp_mod is following to give yourself an idea of who’s on Mastodon. Follow any you want!
  • DO create an account on Ponies.Social for every character you have on TwitterPonies you’d like to RP in our new home.
  • DON’T take the name of any original character (OC) or show character (SC) that isn’t yours. If you don’t already have that exact account name on Twitter, or if you know someone else has that name, don’t try to make it on Ponies.Social.
  • DON’T delete your Twitter accounts, even if you never plan on role-playing on Twitter again.
  • DO lock your TwitterPonies Twitter accounts if you want to stop RPing over on Twitter (that’s the smart way to “mothball” your Twitter account: it’s easy and reversible).

That’s it! Then it’s just like TwitterPonies, only now it’s in a new home.

What’s changing?

Back on Twitter, nothing is changing; it’ll continue exactly as before, only you might notice some people aren’t going to be posting, role-playing, responding to @ messages or even to Direct Messages. Their accounts will go quiet, or may even be deleted (we don’t recommend this, however! See below). Anyone who wants, yourself included, can stay on Twitter and continue exactly as before, or you can “move” to Mastodon, or both.

What’s TwitterPonies on Mastodon?

Many of those people will continue to play their same characters in a new home, over on Mastodon, a different Twitter-like social network site, where they feel more comfortable. They may play only on Mastodon, or they may play both there and continue on Twitter, it’s up to them. It is exactly the same as TwitterPonies, same policies, same everything.

Who’s leaving Twitter?

Everyone has to decide for themselves. Some won’t move at all, some will completely stop engaging with Twitter and RP only on Mastodon. Some will stay on Twitter and also RP on Mastodon. You can do both. There is no "official" TwitterPonies, not on Twitter or on Mastodon: it’s just people RPing.

Who’s definitely going?

Here are just a few that have made this decision to RP on Ponies.Social either totally (that is, no more Twitter at all) or partially (RP on both Mastodon and Twitter): (names used with permission!)

Why are some TwitterPonies leaving Twitter?

That’s up to each person, and the “why” isn’t really important. You have to decide what you want to do yourself. You can continue as is, but you might find other accounts not responding. A lot of people are really unhappy with Twitter as a home, don’t want to be on Twitter or even use Twitter’s platform in any way. Some are long-time TwitterPonies.

Do I have to delete my Twitter account?

No, and we strongly recommend you don’t. After 30 days, anyone is free to grab the account name and use it for their own purposes. Instead, we highly recommend you LOCK your account (you can unlock it any time, very easily). We call this “mothballing” your Twitter account. Also, it’s a great idea to keep up your 2FA login.

I’ve got lots of TwitterPony accounts, how do I manage them all through Mastodon?

We haven’t got a great answer for this yet, but we’re working on it. That is, we’re looking into apps like TweetDeck or Twitteriffic that work well on Mastodon, but we don’t have a recommendation yet.

So am I rebooting my character, my story, everything?

No need. This is a move, not a restart. You’re welcome to just continue without even mentioning it. But as always, it’s up to you: play it however you want. This isn’t a reboot, this is the next volume of TwitterPonies!

You keep calling it TwitterPonies, but we’re going to be on Mastodon?

Like it or not, we’ve been calling ourselves “TwitterPonies” for so long the name has stuck. Maybe that will change? But for now, it’s just easier. “TwitterPonies” will always mean anyone who obeys our two rules: follow the mlp_mod and have fun, be it on Twitter itself or Mastodon or both.

Doesn’t it cost money to run a Mastodon server?

Yes, but don’t worry about that for now. We may set up a Patreon so you can help us keep the lights on.

What about the Wiki?

Nothing changes on the Wiki, except we’ll add to it, offering this page and other pages to assist those who choose to RP on Mastodon. If you have a page, you’re welcome to update it any way you want, including where you prefer to RP (Twitter only, Mastodon only or some mix of both).

Starlight notes: "I've kind of always wanted to separate the wiki from Fandom, but we'd need to set up some kind of cross-authentication between Mastodon and MediaWiki to make that work well. Talk to me and Luna if you know how to do that."

Who’s in charge of TwitterPonies on Mastodon?

No one. The only official TwitterPonies account is mlp_mod, on both Twitter and Mastodon; Mod can only advise, point people to our Wiki and help any way they can. However, unlike Twitter, we have some power on Mastodon. We don’t yet have policies about how we’re going to handle this new power, so we will avoid using it for now. Stay tuned for updates.

Starlight notes: "The actual administrator of Ponies.Social is, but they're not 'in control' of the RP - just the technical stuff!"

I tried to create my character with exactly the same name or a slightly better name, but Mastodon tells me it’s taken!

Reach out to mlp_mod and we’ll help best we can.

Is this my chance to play a “previously taken” character, like a Mane 6?

You’ve always had that chance! There’s no “official” Twilight or Luna or anyone: the only official account in TwitterPonies is mlp_mod, on both Twitter and Mastodon. What you can’t do is use someone else's name exactly. Same as always.

This is NOT a “land grab.” You don’t need to “stake out” or “squat” on a name. We’ll help make sure everyone can move easily and in almost every case, with exactly the same name they always had, if that’s what they want.

Help, I haven’t gotten an email to verify my account!

It can take some time. Be patient, check your spam filters, and remember: we have to do this all by hand, and even mlp_mod needs to sleep sometimes! Give us time to verify/authorize your account.

Can I jump back and forth, RPing the same character here and on Twitter?

If you want, but be kind: remember many people are here on Mastodon because they want to cut all ties with Twitter. If you RP that you’re in the same “narrative” or plot line, if you say you’re moving between two “alternate dimensions,” or something like that, then you run the risk of other people being forced back on Twitter to follow your RP there or stop following you completely. Don’t make people choose! A few meta-jokes won’t hurt anyone, and you can always RP that you “shifted dimensions” or “went through a rift,” but in the end, remember this is about community and comfort. Those who moved off Twitter did it for a good reason: try to respect their decision.

I want to stay on Twitter but I also want to join the new fun on Ponies.Social, does that mean I now have TWO of my character?

Yes, if you want. Or no. Again, how you play it is totally up to you. There’s no policy, only what you think is fun and what’s fun and comfortable to others you RP with.

It might mean you have “two diverging timelines,” as you discover you RP with one set of people on Twitter and another on Mastodon. Or maybe you “jump back and forth.” Or maybe you come up with something unique! Just respect if people decide not to RP with you or even acknowledge one or the other “universes.” That’s their choice.

I want to RP on Mastodon, but people I like to play with don’t want to join Ponies.Social or leave Twitter, what do I do?

No one can be forced. You have to work around what other people find comfortable. Be kind: don’t pressure people to move to Mastodon or to stay on Twitter: let people make their own choices.

Is this forever?

We don’t know. Everyone’s doing their best, but enough TwitterPonies are uneasy on Twitter that they were being forced to either stay where they were unhappy, or give up TP forever. We’re working hard to offer them an alternative, a place to keep being a happy pony or MLP character without having to stay on Twitter or anywhere else they’re not comfortable.

This isn’t a perfect solution. Mastodon is new to most of us, and we don’t have a full set of policies in place. We don’t know all the tools. We haven’t got the 10+ years of experience that we had on Twitter. There’s a lot to learn and everyone is going to make mistakes, but we can do this. We've stuck together for over a decade!

So do please join in if you want, and work hard to help everyone keep being the happy pony they want to be. It’s what friends do. And friendship is magic.