Twitterponies Wiki

Codes, Formatting, and Actions

This section is about how the players in the game let each other know what they are doing. There are several action codes that have developed to let other players know how they need to react to your tweet. As with all things TwitterPonies, these are commonly accepted practices and not hard rules.

((..)) The double parentheses

This is used for meta game stuff going AFK non character chatter and the like.

(..) The single parentheses

This is used to denote inner thoughts of the character.

*..* The star

This is used to denote an action a character is taking.

".." The quote marks

Usually used to denote that a NPC is speaking, but can occasionally be used to denote that a character is speaking. This is an optional choice. Most ponies don't use this, even most of the main cast don't use the quotation marks!

This is optional. Most Twitterponies put nothing around the parts at which they speak.

o/`..o/` The musical notes

Used to denote singing, occasionally used to denote playing of a musical instrument.

<..> TwitterBird messages

Used to send TwitterBird messages, shortened to TBs. It's sent from one pony to another in case they're not in the same place.