Trottingham is a mining city in southeast Equestria, near Cirruston. Originally founded by earth ponies, who still comprise the overwhelming majority of residents, Trottingham's main economic forces are the University of Trottingham, one of the leading agricultural schools in Equestria, and the large raw material industry (see below).

Additionally, the city has a strong mining and raw materials sector, supplied by the coal and iron mines in the nearby mountains, as well as forests managed for timber harvesting. Like its nearby neighbor, Stalliongrad, Trottingham is one of the few regions in Equestria that is populated by more stallions than mares,

Trottingham is also well known for having the largest operational REAF base outside of Canterlot, which also has a Pegasi Training Corps division to train potential airmares and stallions for a life in the Air Force.

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