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(From the My Little Ponies wiki.)

Announcing the Ponyville Games!

(Sponsored by @mlp_Ian's Ice Cream and Sweet Apple Acres)

In celebration of the Ponylympics, Ponyville will be having its very own "mini-Ponylympics," Tuesday-Thursday August 14-16! Events will include Danger Field racing, horseshoe tossing, weight lifting, magic duels, flying challenges, and more! Events will all take place at Sweet Apple Acres.

The first prize for each event will be a trophy; runners-up will receive ice cream "medals" from @mlp_Ian's ice cream!

For details or information on how to get involved, see AppleJack, @mlp_Aaron, or @mlp_Ian in Ponyville. C'mon and have some fun!

(( OOC Info:

The Ponyville Games are intended to be a fun, free-form event. Rather than trying to organize any one single actual competition (which takes a lot of careful coordination and timing, something that Twitter is not well suited for), ponies are encouraged to create their own "events" or sideline stories, much as was done during the Molting Season event. Have a ridiculous event that your pony would be amazing at? Grab one of your RP pals and run it!

You don't have to compete to take part, either. You can cheer your favorites, come up with all sorts of Ponyville Games merchandise, try to rig the games, or otherwise get into shenanigans. The point is just to give us all a focal point for silly fun over the course of three days.

So... play on! ))