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The Best Young Fliers Competition is a competition for the best young fliers. Any creature with wings can participate such as griffons, pegasi, alicorns, small winged dragons, etc. The announcer, Twitter icon  mlp_Madden (shown on right) sets up most of it. The competition takes place in Cloudsdale in the Cloudesium. Princess Twitter icon  @mlp_Celestia might be watching. Results For Each Year:

If you need additional information, please ask Madden via tweet/DM.


A new @mlp_Madden is needed. The admin of the account currently has lost interest in setting up this competition now unfortunately. If you would like to have a chance of setting up The Best Young Fliers Competition, contact @mlp_Madden.


Put your name in this list if you wish to compete. You should also be following Madden. Competitors are recommended to Retweet important tweets from Madden concerning the event.

  • @mlp_mailmare ( Derpy Hooves :D )
  • @mlp_rainbow ( Rainbow Dash )
  • @mlp_twilight ( Twilight Sparkle )

The Best Young Flyers Competition Instructions:

Watchers do not need to pay for a ticket to watch the event in the Cloudesium.

Before TBYFC begins you will go backstage where Lucy Packard (shown on right) will tell you who's competing at a certain time.

Lucy Packard 2

Lucy Packard