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This is going to be a quick list and a short description:


Taffy Day is a day Pinkie Pie likes to celebrate her love of taffy, and well, all candy. The day consists of events and activities centered around taffy! There are 3 major events, and an assortment of midway games. Please see the list below for details.

Note: This day may be held more than once a year. Basically whenever I feel taffyish!

List of Major Events

  1. Taffy Pulling Contest: This consists of two players, each on a side of large piece of taffy suspended over a pit of chocolate pudding. Similar to a rope pulling contest, only with taffy, which complicates it because it is stretchy! Who ever gets pulled into the mud loses. There will only be a limited amount of rounds, namely 3 for the sake of brevity.
  2. Taffy Tasting: This will consist of ponies trying to identify what flavor taffy they are tasting. There will be 4 flavors to pick from: Jalapeno, sour cream, banana, and scrambled egg. Each contestent will only be allowed one guess. We will have 10 taffy tasting rounds with 1 pony each round.
  3. Taffy Toss: This will consist of tossing a large chunk of taffy as far as the pony can toss. The winner of each round will then compete against the winners from the other rounds in a Battle Royale to determine the winner. There will be 3 opening rounds with 3 ponies, and a final round with the winners from the opening rounds.

List of Midway taffy games

There are also midway games that ponies can RP playing to their hearts content. Just proxy a pony running the booth and enjoy! If you think of a fun taffy related game and don't see it on this list, add it! Just add a description!!

  1. Taffy Ring toss: Just like a standard Ring toss game, but with taffy!
  2. Taffy Horseshoes: Again, just like regular horseshoes, but with taffy!
  3. Taffy Darts: This consists of a piece of taffy shaped like a dart and thrown at a dart board. The taffy sticks to the board, indicating the score. Normal rules for darts apply.


There are no trophies or awards, just the general merriment of the ponies participating! Enjoy!