Summer Song (Usually just goes by Summer) is an earth pony currently living in her own house located in Ponyville. She previously shared her home with a unicorn named Denise Unicorn.


Summer moved from Fillydelphia to get away from the hustle-bustle of the city life, knowing she wasn't a city pony on the inside. She studied at the University in Fillydelphia on nature and biology, after which she set out to find a town more suitable for a pony like her. That's when she stumbled upon the nice little town of Ponyville. Finding it well to her liking, she moved in to her very own house in the town. Summer will occasionally travel back to Fillydelphia to help out with her parents' family restaurant, but otherwise she is a permanant Ponyville pony.

Summer In Ponyville

When Summer got her house in Ponyville, she unknowingly got one with two bedrooms. She wasn't sure what to do with the other one, but when Denise Unicorn came along in need of a place to stay, Summer gave her extra room to her, and since then the two are living together in the same house. That is until time had been reset and Denise had to move away back to her own land.

Her home is a little bigger than a cottage, with the front door in the Kitchen. Directly to the left of the kitchen is the living room/dining room which consists of a table, a bookshelf adjacent to the door which holds her collection of books (Mostly Sci-Fi and Mystery), and a small loveseat couch. From there, there are two doors; each leading to a medium sized bedroom. Between the rooms, there is a small pull down staircase that leads to the roof; a place she loves to sit upon and look at the night sky.


Summer is a very friendly younger pony who just loves to have fun! She is really gentle and generous, caring deeply for all of her friends. In her free time, Summer loves to read a good book; preferrably under a nice, shady tree. As well as searching for various plants for her collection. She may seem very calm at times, but if the occasion is right, she can get riled up and really have a good time! Slightly clueless? Maybe. Sometimes, she even likes to cause a bit of chaos; just for fun of course.


Not being the city type, Summer looked more to the nature for inspiration. She loves collecting different types of plants, knowing what each specific one's effects are. She also really enjoys singing, but mostly just to herself. Sometimes you will just see her trotting around singing softly to herself. And although she may not be a master chef in the kitchen, she can still cook some nice dishes. Mostly things she picked up at her family restaurant during visits.