Storm Chaser 


Storm is a thin unicorn of average height. She's stunningly beautiful, and has a mane that, although dry, always looks like a wet mane.

Storm is extremely bubbly and cheerful. She can be upset fairly easily, however. Storm tends to wear her heart on her sleeve.


Storm currently resides in Hillhouse with her sister, Double Tempo, and the Elder Mangrove, Silvine. The room is cylindrical in shape and consists of a main balcony around the edge of the room and a pool beneath it, allowing Silvine to grow freely. The main light source in the room is the pool of water itself, filling the room with a pale blue light. The lights on the walls emit either a sapphire or an emerald hue.


Storm was raised in Ponyhoma by her parents. She still maintains a good relationship with her mother and father. After saving the town from a twister and establishing a tornado watch, Storm recieved her cutie mark. She knows that it pertains to the weather, but with her newly acquired horn, she has yet to figure out its relation to magic.



Storm is acutely aware of the weather and of what shifts may come, even in places such as the Everfree Forest, where nature is unpredictable at best.


Storm, having only recently acquired her horn, only knows a handful of basic spells. However, with the aid of her sister, she is progressing rapidly.

Other Skills

Storm is very adept as styling manes, for reasons unknown. She also has a basic knowledge of the language of the fae that she picked up from her sister.

Special Magic

Storm has yet to discover her magic in relation to her cutie mark.

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