Stalliongrad is an industrial city in southeast Equestria, with a heavy manufacturing sector fueled by raw materials from its nearby neighbor Trottingham. Like Trottingham, Stalliongrad was founded by earth ponies, and remains primarily populated by them, with a heavy skew toward male ponies. It has a thriving steel industry thanks to the coal and iron mined from Trottingham, and exports building materials and finished goods all over Equestria. It is also a major hub for airship operations, which are used to transport those made goods all over Equestria and it's neighboring countires.

Since it is a part of Equestria, it is not "Communist", instead following under the Diarchy that controls the rest of Equestria, though it is, however, host to many a political party and is some distance from civilization meaning there are quite a few embassies dotted around Equestria.

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