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Slowhoof Blues (born Slowhoof Caesar) is a stallion who was born and raised in Canterlot, where he grew up as a somewhat happy and intelligent, but lazy colt, who had the privilege of living in one of the wealthiest families in the city. His closest friend as a foal was his grandfather, who taught him much of what he now knows about music. Slowhoof later started going by a new nickname, "Blues", and much to the disappointment of his parents, he went on to pursue music as a career, and immediately started touring with his band after graduating high school. After a year or two of touring, Slowhoof lost a bet that resulted in the loss of all their equipment, and the breakup of the band as well. He then started roaming Equestria with what little possessions he had left, when he wound up wandering into the Everfree forest, where his life in Ponyville would soon begin.

(Blues is currently unemployed, but recently owned the town's music store. After selling the inventory to Octavian Sharpe, Blues kept the building, which Sharpe had no use for, and remodeled it into a house, which he is willing to rent.)


Blues is a tall, lithe, green stallion, with an always-perfect mane. He occasionally wears a pair of black wayfarer sunglasses.

Cutie Mark

Blues' cutie mark is a bass clef, representing both his love for his bass guitar, and music in general. He earned it by using his musical talents to please others.


Blues is a friendly, laid-back pony, who'd rather sit around and soak up the sun than make a big deal of anything, but he's always willing to help in any way that he possibly can. He generally doesn't talk too much, mainly due to his fear that nopony will like what he has to say, but he is a great listener, and gives good advice when he's asked for it. If Blues were asked to state his favorite activity, he would say it's playing music to bring joy to others.


Blues is an extremely talented musician, and is able to put anything he feels into the form of a song. He is also quite the athlete, and is capable of easily performing many feets that most ponies would struggle with.