Sea Swirl (also known as Dolphine Dream) is a female pegasus mare who's been living in Ponyville all her life. She takes part in numerous activities that take place in Ponyville. She is a single mare


Sea Swirl was born and raised in Ponyville. She is always seen at big parties that take place in Ponyville as well as major events. At a young age, she took a strong liking to dolphines as well as other sea creatures, studying them, thus earning her cutie mark.

640px-Unicorn ponies S2E11

Sea "Dolphine Dream" Swirl as she joins Colgate and another Unicorn Stallion in a Ponyville play.

Appearence and Personality

Sea Swirl has a coat of pink and a mane of basic iris with a light blue streak at the bottum. Her eye color is rasberry, rosey red. Apart from her child-like personality, Sea Swirl knows when there's a time to refrain from laughter and such. She can tend to talk alot and change the subject of her conversations sometimes.

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