Not a lot is known about Screwloose's background. She doesn't think about it an awful lot and doesn't really have the means to talk about it to anypony else, at least coherently. Perhaps if she were to be questioned by one who understood dogspeak she might be able to fill in the gaps for us.

What we do know is that she at some point she assisted a nursepony in returning Rainbow Dash by telling her to wait in her own way (BARK BARK BARK! roughly translates as "Wait Rainbow Dash! Wait!" for those not quite versed in dog))


She's a kind, caring pony who doesn't have a great capacity for speaking in Equestrian. Her attempts usually result in a disturbingly accurate animal noise, typically a "BARK". As such, she has become quite shy, fairly reclusive and is cautious when approaching ponies. This has shown in her general lack of sense when it comes to trying to meet ponies. (Namely Colgate, who she inadvertedly stalked when she was afraid to talk to her in person)

Her confidence issues and shyness really show through after ponies call her names or shout at her, which unfortunately happens fairly frequently. Many automatically brand her as a 'Crazy' or 'Barking mad' mare, which as you can guess hardly does wonders for her self esteem.


Screwloose is not particularly interested in the romantic relationship side of things, but treasures her friends dearly (What few she has anyways) She is always looking to make new friends though. 

OOC/Player Notes

 Screwloose's new player here. I have been given the duty of playing Screwy because the previous player lost intrest. Yes, I do play her in a new way then he did, but hopefully that wont stop ponies from enjoying her character.


It is the belief of the current player that Screwloose is the first daughter of Discord, though he considers her imperfect and broken. As such, Screwball is her younger sister.

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