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What is Whitetail Camp Fun?:

Easy. Whitetail Camp Fun is a scene planned by Silver Bullet's player. It is a weekend of camp-style fun in Whitetail Woods. For more info, read below.

Where?: Whitetail Woods of course! ^_^

When?: Next Friday, September 21th 2012 at about 12pm ET (Eastern Time) to Sunday, September 23th, 2012 at around 5pm in the evening.

Activities: Whitetail Camp Fun is as it is called! The activities involve summer camp type stuff such as:




Paddle boat racing

Story telling by a toasty campfire.

Roasting marshmallows and having smores

and much much more!

Rules: Like at any summer camp, there are certain rules to this camping trip.

  1. Hiking through Whitetail Woods without anypony can be dangerous and is prohibited.
  2. Fighting can result in somepony getting hurt.
  3. Well..I've never been to a summer camp, so I wouldn't know any other rules. *derp face followed by a facehoof*

Invitations?: Not in any particular sense. Though the Mane 6 ponies and Plotline will be given invitations personally by Silver Bullet. All other ponies may read the annoucement posters he spreads throughout Ponyville and even Canterlot. They may also attend if they wish. EVERYPONY is welcome. :-)

Side notes: It would be of great help if all participating ponies can bring food of their own. Drinks are also welcome. Though marshmallows, chocolate, and grahm crackers will be provided to make smores. Juice will also be provided for foals.

Also please bear in mind that you should bring a towel, swim trunks, tent, sleeping bag, pillows, books (for scaaaary stories. Now that's spooooky). As for how activities are done: it doesn't matter! Just grab a partner and play! No prizes are given for winning events, these games are strictly for fun! We don't want to have unhappy campers. ^_^

Participants: (work in progress)

Player notes: I'm kind of a noob at these wikis, so forgive me if the event title is a bit...unimaginative.