"Rainy days = love/hate relationship"
—Journal entry #200

"Trust me, I'm an engineer." That bumbling idiot.
—Rainbow Swoop, quoting Marky Colors before the failure of experiment #231.

Rainbow Swoop is a pegasus pony who works at the weather factory. More often than not his work involves paperworks, lots of it.


He is a lavender pegasus with dark grey mane and tail, and dark green eyes. His hair and tail were left as it is and rarely brushed, aided the fact that his tail is short and his mane always returns to its style with little effort. His cutie mark is a rainbow.

His personality is somewhat of the silent watcher. Whenever an event happens before his eyes, he tends to keep quiet and watch by the sidelines. Only when he deems it necessary would he step in and interfere. He sometimes shows his brilliant side in his dialogues, and these ranges from simple quotes to mind-boggling descriptions.

Since he works at Cloudsdale he is a strong flyer himself, considering he always makes the daily trip to his workplace and back to Ponyville. As of late however, he had been making reports and sending it to the weather institute as per instructions.

His hobby is cloud watching, star gazing, or anything that is mentally relaxing. When not engaged with anything, he can often be seen drinking tea or writing his thoughts down.


Born and raised in Cloudsdale, he knows the place like the back of his hooves, having lived there for many years. He had relatives in Cirruston and Manehattan, but rarely contacts them except on gatherings.

A fateful event in Cirruston gave him his cutie mark. During a family gathering he was picked on by his relatives for having no cutie mark yet when all of them had one. Frustrated, he went to calm himself on a nearby cliff facing the sea. After a while staring at the clouds, a huge wave formed and breaks at the cliff, spraying water everywhere and forming a short-lived rainbow. His fascination of the wonderful colors of a rainbow gave him his cutie mark.

One day, he visited Ponyville out of boredom more than anything. Deciding it is better and more exciting than Cloudsdale, he decided to make a temporary residence above the treebrary. Ever since then, he has been a regular face in town, usually observing any going-on take place.

Since staying in Ponyville, he had his fair share of drama and adventure. He has also begin to grow fond of Ponyville as a second home, along with all those whom he befriended.


Rainbow Swoop is just an average, quirky weatherpony with a penchant for monologuing. He is not a physically strong pony though, most likely a trade off for his intellect. It should be noted that sometimes he is not really good at holding conversations with the opposite gender.