Quilliminos Dionysus Pen, or Quill Pen, is a newspaper reporter and photographer living in Ponyville. He writes for Equestria Today, mainly covering local Ponyville news.


Quill is a goofball, rarely passing up an opportunity to be silly. He tries to be friendly to everyone, and not hold grudges. However, he is liable to shoot his mouth off or act without thinking, which has hurt ponies in the past.


Quill hails from Fillydelphia, and started his career as an EqT photographer in Canterlot. He keeps in touch with his old coworkers, including his former marefriend, sports reporter Clicky Shutter. He was promoted to local reporter and transferred to Ponyville in response to growing interest in the town.


Quill is dating Cloud Kicker, and lives with her in their duplex cloud house. They made it connecting both of their old houses, a common arrangement for pegasi. CK's was much larger than his, containing a huge model train set of Equestria, so their house resembles a mallet.

OOC/Player Notes

Quill uses the hashtag  pvnews for headlines on current and past events. These headlines are primarily for the players, so they occasionally cover events not widely known, and even ones he doesn't consciously know about. Headlines about events that are secret (but fun!) are assumed to not actually have been published.

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