Quick Draw is a white coated pegaus stallion who loves all things artistic, and he's sees art in just about everything, and lives in his cloud home over Sweet Apple Acres with Snapshot, his tsundre but loving wife.


Quick Draw is a friendly pony, who tries his best to be nice to everypony he meets. He's always there is anypony needs him. Though he does try to have a good laugh while doing it, no matter how serious the job. He can get emotional if someone he loves hurts him, but overall he's a stable pony.


Quick Draw grew up in cloudsdale with his father, Speed Boost. His mother went away soon after Quick was born. Speed did his best to raise his son, but being a former wonderbolt didn't exactly install any "fatherly instinct" within him. Quick loved his father and loved doing everything with him. That meant stunt flying, racing, and expecially art. He found his cutie mark when his father took him to an art musuem. Quick saw a priceless peice of art there, that he thought he could make better. So he got out his supplies and quietly changed it, when somepony finally caught him it turned out he had in fact made it better. Later after his father had gone on, he moved to Ponyville, becoming their new Weather Charter pony.


Quick Draw is one of Ponyville's weather ponies. Clearing the skies, setting up storms, so on and so forth. His shift comes at night however, when most ponies are asleep!

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