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Princess Skystar is Queen Novo's energetic daughter.


Skystar has a light gambogeish gray body with light amber freckles. Her eyes are brilliant cyan. 


When in seapony form, she has a fin-like mane and tail in the color of light arctic blue, with a raspberry sea anenome accessory. Instead of wings, she has light raspberry colored fins. 


When in hippogriff form, she has light artic blue head and tail feathers, a raspberry colored flower accessory, and a shell necklace. Her beak, hooves, and talons are a light orange. 


Having to flee her home at a very young age, Skystar has spent most of her life under the sea.

When Twilight and her friends appeared, Skystar ignored her mother's wishes and brought the ponies to see her, pleading their case for help. When that help was denied, she was thrilled at the prospect of having friends to stay with her forever, then deeply saddened when the ponies instead insisted on returning to Equestria.

Pinkie Pie was tasked by Twilight to cheer Skystar up, though unbeknownst to everyone it was a distraction to cover for Twilight's attempt at stealing the Pearl. Deeply hurt, she said nothing as Queen Novo banished the ponies to the surface.

Eventually, Skystar forgave Twilight, realizing that the Princess was doing what she thought she needed to in an effort to save Equestria, and escaped to the surface to help the ponies take back their home.



Bubbly, excitable, upbeat, and adventurous, Skystar is intensely curious about the world around her. Through a series of events she was left in isolation, making her a very lonely creature. Because of this, she will take any chance she can at making friends, even if that means forgiving those who her mother cannot.

She will very willingly ignore her mother's rules, if she thinks she can get away with it. 

Skystar tends to be a massive hoarder, and always has a satchel filled with things she finds while exploring. She has a habit of bringing whatever she finds to Queen Novo for explanation, thrilled that she's discovered something new to admire.

After the Movie

Skystar is kept to Mount Aris, as her mother is still wary of the surrounding world.

She yearns to go farther than her kingdom's borders, and is always on the lookout for a chance to sneak away.