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The Ponyville Clinic


The Ponyville Clinic is a local hospital run by Nurse Redheart and her assistant Red Blood, along with their receptionist, Chrysti Lionheart, where they care for various injuries any pony may have.


Upon entering the Clinic, one will find a lobby/waiting room, with a reception desk nestled in the corner of the room, adjacent to the start of a hallway. Down the hall one will find the entrance to the west wing on the left, and the east wing, on the right. Continuing straight reveals a chemistry laboratory, with rooms used for treating patients on the sides of the hall. Nurse Redheart's office is located in the west wing, with a utility closet near the back of the wing.

Red Blood has an office located near the chemistry laboratory, where he spends most of his time attempting to find cures for very rare diseases, such as Cutie Pox. Red also has a section of hospital rooms that are reserved for his own work, where less serious cases are placed.

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