Photo Finish is a fashion photographer and sometime editor of Clothes Horse magazine. She is constantly travelling and rarely interacts with the ponies of Ponyville, as she is far too A-list for such a podunk town.


Photo Finish is an unabashed workaholic and perfectionist, and dictates fashion trends to thousands of ponies across Equestria. She fires assistants frequently and hires them again as needed. She is known for making impossible demands of her staff. As an earth pony in an industry of unicorns and fine-boned pegasi, she constantly battles with her weight and sees herself in a constant struggle for respect. By outward appearances she is on top of the world, but late nights see her reveal her own deep insecurities and the precariousness of her position near the top of a fickle and cruel fashion world pecking order.


Photo still misses and pines for Fluttershy, in a professional sense, and alternates between bitterly dismissing her as a "flighty pegasus" and grovelling to try and get her back as a model. She has sought many replacements for Flutter in the months since the events of Green Isn't Your Color, without much success. Photo Finish has an ex-husband that she only speaks to indirectly through assistants and her legal team.

Twitterponies History

Since her appearance in the MLP:FiM episode Green Isn't Your Color, Photo Finish briefly employed Snails as a colt model, although he was "considerably smarter than the average model she deals with". She also made Applejack's hat into a trendy item worn by the hipsters of Manehattan and Canterlot, selling thousands via Hoity Toity's boutiques. She appeared at Rarity's fashion show "Fabulous Foals by Rarity" and was struck by the modelling potential of Tornado Bolt.


  • She is based roughly on Meryl Streep's portrayal of Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada
  • Miranda Priestly is loosely based on Vogue editor Anna Wintour