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Nurse Redheart (often referred to as the Nurse, Red, or Nursey) is an earth pony currently residing in Ponyville, where she runs the Ponyville Clinic.


Nurse Redheart has a white coat, saphhire blue eyes, and a pink mane, which is almost always curled into a bun, and quite lengthy when free. Her cutie mark is a red cross, with four little hearts in the corners.

Upon first impressions, Nurse Redheart is known to many as a collected, calm, logical pony, as would be expected of those who run a business. Observation of her medical practice might lead to some contradictory behaviors, as she often implores odd methods of doing things. Odd or not, however, she can and does pull through for ponies who need her help.


Born to a down-to-earth florist from the edges of Canterlot and a fantasy novelist, Nurse Redheart lived rather comfortably in a manor near the heart of the city, where she attended private schools and frequented lavish parties, supported by many of her father's best-selling novels, which Nurse Redheart throughly enjoyed, getting lost in their epic tales of adventure. Though she had it made, her daily activities were not gone unsupervised. Her activities and company were closely monitored by her mother, who insisted that she disregard those outlandish tales spun in her head.

When Redheart had gotten her cutie mark, during an exercise in one of her Health and Wellness classes during school, she applied to attend the Manehatten School of Nursing. The city and it's lifestyle was just what Redheart was looking for, and welcomed it with open arms. The city's atmosphere, along with her father's unanticipated influence of adventure, would soon shape Red's personality into the pony that she is today.

Graduating from the university, Nurse Redheart applied for an internship at the Manehatten Hospital, and other hospitals and clinics, before landing a position at the clinic in Ponyville. Under the instruction of the then-current Ponyville Clinic owner Doctor Octagon, Nurse Redheart learned the nuances of operating a working establishment. Due to a mishap with an experiment involving a form of flameless lighting, Doctor Octagon managed to burn down the entire clinic and get himself removed from the medical community in one fell swoop, and Nurse Redheart became the new manager of the Ponyville Clinic.

Current Life

Nurse Redheart still holds the position of clinic manager, and is assisted by a unicorn whom she recently hired, by the name of Red Blood. She has also been the unintended recipient of an enourmous amount of rubber tubing, which she has established a sort of black market for, as well as selling off prototype versions of contact lenses, for a steady supply of bits on the side. During her off-time, Nurse Redheart can be found sleeping in her office, tinkering in her chemistry lab, or enjoying time with her friends.