Nimbus Flare is the the mother of pegasi Navigale Skyline Flare, Indiana, Saturn and Lucy. She was last scene in a dangerous race with a group of Shadow Bolt before mysteriously disappearing and was rumored to be deceased. Now she resides in Ponyville in a small cloudhouse.


IMG 3707-1-

Nimbus as a filly. The year she acquired her Green Leaf Cutie mark.

Nimbus was born in 1972 of November 29 and raised in The United Kingdom of Braytain as a young filly. As she grew up her love for nature blossomed. She was a model and a famous class B pegasus racer. Not alot is know about her Green Leaf cutie-mark but her youngest filly, Lucio, has it as well. She attended a colledge in Cloudsdale at age 16 where she met her husband Wind. Two years later she gave birth to her first foal, S
The Race

Nimbus, she fearlessly races the mercyless Shadowbolts

aturn. She had 3 more kids a couple of years later. May 12, 1998, the year she gave birth to Lucio Flare, her youngest, she was encountered by three large Pegasi males who claimed to be members of the Shadow Bolts as she was doing her usual morning flying exercise. The two large Pegasi were very rude, flying by buumping into her as she taking her morning flight. Anger by the large pegasi who rudely passed her, she decided to play the same and flew passed them making comments about the Shadow Bolts and their low class racers. Before she knew it she was caught it a high flying stampede of angry pegasi. She went missing that day and stayed missing for about 2 years before reuniting with her fold and buying a cloud house in Ponyville.


Apart from a harmone imbalance, stunting her growth, Nimbus is well-dressed at times, often wearing a butterscotch blonde saddle and a red flow in her mane. Her coat is violet with a bit of a blue tint. Her mane is navy blue and black. Her wings are seemingly bigger than the rest of

Nimbus as She bravely eyes and intimidates the rude Shadow Bolts above.

her body.

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