Navi is a feisty artist mare, best known for not giving two bucks about anything but Louie and her art. She has 2 sisters and one brother.


Navigale Raven Flare (born November 12, 1994) was born of Irish Canterlot pony decent despite her never being able to hold her accent once moving to Ponyville. She is the second youngest of 4 siblings.


Navi is very skilled at hoof-ball. AN let it be know that she's not afraid of playing rough,

Despite being very athletic she also enjoys painting in the basement of her zebra lover, Louie's home. She is very skilled at painting.

Appearance and Personality

Navi has a grey coat with a red and black mane. Her cutie, a red bow with her initial. Navi's eyes, accompanied by grey eye-shadow, are golden.

Navi is easygoing, though very impatient. She is very affectionate towards Louie and can be very romantic when she darn well wants to be.

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