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This is a scene idea by Rainbow's old new player, and seemed to go over well on IRC, so I'm putting it out here for everypony to start coordinating around. I understand if not everyone wants to participate, but the more ponies who do participate, the more fun this will likely be :-)

What is this?

Birds "molt", or lose their feathers to replace them with new ones, about once a year. Since pegasus ponies have feathers, and are sometimes seen as bird-like, it would make sense that they would molt as well, and once a year sounds about right. So, let's have all the pegasi molt on the same week, for comedy!


Molting Season 2014

Molting season was announced around April 24th, feel free to molt any time you want before the end of May!

Molting Season 2013

It's a season, right?. If you want to participate and you've got feathered wings, start your molt any time before August.

Molting Season 2012

Looks like most ponies are on-board, so let's do this the week of April 30th through May 4th-6th.


Basically, every pegasus pony picks 3-4 consecutive days in that week to lose their feathers and regrow them, losing their ability to fly in the process. Beyond that, have fun with it! Get a pair of wing-warmers, go to the spa, find a place to stay that isn't a cloud-house, whatever works.

Spin-off scene potential

  • Weather-related complications (potentially an adventurous Mane 6 scene)
  • Lots of sleepovers with non-pegasus friends
  • A booming business in wing-covering clothing
  • Feathers EVERYWHERE
  • Scootaloo gets to give scooter lessons