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A café chain centralized in Ponyville, each shop almost always giving out the scent of freshly brewed coffee. Seen over by Sweet Mocha, they each sells a variety of food and drink, including coffee, cookies, muffins, and other snack foods (see menu below). They seem to be one of the more predominant coffee chains in Equestria at the moment.


Name Price
Pastries 4 bits
Cookies 2 bits
Candy Sticks Discontinued
Sandwiches 10 bits
General Drinks ¹ Frappes and Frappuchinos included
Name Price
Water 0 bits
Decaf 2 bits
Generic Coffee 2 bits
Dark Coffee 2 bits
Latte 2 bits
Cappuccino 2 bits
Iced Coffee¹ 2 bits
Specialty Drinks
Name Price Desc.
Coffee Cake Mocha 3 bits Tastes like vanilla cake
Mellow Yellow Latte 3 bits Tea infused for relaxation
High Strung Caffeine Bomb 3 bits Drink at your own risk!
Test 12h 3 bits NEW! Tastes like hay fries
Pumpkin Spiced Latte 3 Bits Only available in autumn!
Celestial Fireball Coffee 3 bits Heated with hydrogen, just like the sun!
CocoabeanBomb Mocha 3 bits So chocolatey!

Unlisted Menu Items

  • Hugs from Mocha - 15 bits
  • Pet Mocha's mane - 20 bits
  • Pony Ride - (1010)123 bits (Hint: not gonna happen)

Hours of Operation

Hours Of Operation (Summer) *shop open 24/7 in summer
Day Time
Sunday ALL DAY (EST)
Monday ALL DAY (EST)
Tuesday ALL DAY (EST)
Wednesday ALL DAY (EST)
Thursday ALL DAY (EST)
Friday ALL DAY (EST)
Saturday ALL DAY (EST)
Hours Of Operation (Fall-Spring)
Day Time
Sunday ALL DAY (EST)
Monday 12AM-12AM (EST)
Tuesday 7AM-12AM (EST)
Wednesday 7AM-12AM (EST)
Thursday 7AM-12AM (EST)
Friday 7AM-12AM (EST)
Saturday ALL DAY (EST)