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Mendax is a cursed fox-like creature who's been a resident of Klugetown since birth. He's quick on his feet, having been known by other Klugetownians to scale buildings and fences to navigate the city. More recently with the  mlp_StormKing's defeat, he's promoted himself to Klugetown's "King" after he (possibly with the help of two unimportant cat and bird characters) led the revolt against Verko, the previous mayor. He's much more open to ponies entering, buying and trading in the city and is working to make it much more accessible to them.


Mendax was born to two very normal-looking foxes but was never told the reason behind his abnormalities. An extra pair of eyes hidden as eyebrows, scaled, taloned hands and, most obvious of all, a scorpion-like mouthed tail all make it naturally hard to trust him. Though he's found a way to adapt to his shortcomings, there's still the matter of his tail, which has a mind of its own and tends to give his true intentions away. Until his accension to mayordom, he had been scraping by to success, bootlegging goods from the Storm King and selling them back at full price, snatching up lost items and selling them at his booth, and telling fortunes. Now, as the last remaining member of his family, he'd like to see his hometown turned from a flaming dumpster to a regular dumpster and he's going to do it in his family's honor.


On the outside, Mendax shows a subtle "smarter than you" vibe, especially to tourists. He uses his people-skills and reflexes to get what he needs and escape danger, but on the other hand, Mendax tends to be a hypocrite. If he finds that any creature in Klugetown has stolen or swindled another, he will reprimand them severely (Even though both he and everycreature in town knows that he is just punishing "sloppy work"). Deep down, he hates his natural fox tendencies to want to swipe and fool others, and his nightly routine of forcing himself to fall asleep whilst his tail continuously whispers all of his misdeeds to him has rendered him deeply self-hating, such ideology shining through in his lighthearted self-deprecating jokes and agreement with insults tossed his way.


  • Does Mendax look familiar to another certain anthropomorphic Klugetowner to you? That's no coincidence! Mendax is what Capper would have been if Hasbro didn't stifle creativity for the sake of an easy-to-produce toy design, as shown in the My Little Pony: The Movie Art Book.
  • Player was heartbroken at the fact that this unique design was tossed, so he is now a separate character in Twitterponies!
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