Twitterponies Wiki

Twitterponies Wiki Conduct Reminder

Please remember a few things as you edit this wiki:

  1. Vandalism is NEVER acceptable. Edits that constitute vandalism will be reverted and earn the editor an infinite ban.
  2. Don't edit the content of pages you don't own. Editing wikicode and grammar/spelling is fine, but if it's not your page, don't change the content. You can restructure sentences and as long as the information is intact. Repeated violations of this will earn you a one week ban for the first offense, scaling up with each additional offense. Public pages such as the Guidelines are exempt from this policy so long as the edit in question is of substantial value to the community.
  3. When creating your wiki page, if you are unsure of how to do something, please contact your friendly neighborhood wiki admins. We are more than willing to assist you in your page creation and editing adventures. The two most active are Big Mcintosh and Commendthemoon.
  4. When editing your page, or someone else's page, please provide a brief summary of your edit. We admins frequently look at the recent activity page, and a summary of your changes will greatly benefit us in our work to maintain a nicely formatted wiki. Failing to summarize your edits may result in those edits being reverted.
  5. When using art not your own, you MUST have the permission of the artist to use it. If you do not and the artist lodges a complaint with our admin team, we will remove the art from the offending wiki page, ban you for a week, and possibly alert Twitter to copyright infringement if you've used that art on Twitter. Repeated offenses will result in wholesale removal of your content from this wiki and a lengthy ban.
  6. Content within, or linked to by, your wiki page MUST be suitable for users 13 and under. If it wouldn't be rated G or PG, then you might want to rethink it. This does include what you post on the twitter account linked to your page!! Content that isn't acceptable includes swearing, violent/excessively traumatic backstory, "grimdark" concepts, and overt references to sexual activity or drug use. Breaking this specific policy will result in a warning the first time, a ban and removal of your page for one week the second offense, and a permanent ban for the third offense. Strikes carry over per account, not per page, meaning that if you break the rule on one page, if you do it a second time on another it will be counted as your second strike.
  7. Content in your wiki page should also endeavor to abide by the Guidelines and other community-created guides to enjoying the Twitterponies community. This policy bears the same consequences as not following the Guidelines; namely, people might not want to interact with you!