Rarity eye by thenaro-d4fcoam
Species WharePony
Gender Female
Eyes Purpule
Mane Blue
Coat grayish blue with yellowish gray around the eyes, on the belly,below tail and inward on legs
Cutiemark A Lily Pad with a Blue Lily flower on it with greaind leves
Timezone GMT-4

Lily Petals was born a orphan causing her to wonder about her family inheratige, but that doesint stop her. She's a whare pony wich are very rare these days she travels equstria to find out about her family and about herself. 


Lily's is very hard headed. She loves to brag to her freainds but i'ts all in good fun. She loves to play ruff and soak her fur in the lily ponds. Lily also i'snt so trusting. She doesint know who to trust so the blocks everyone out so she doesint make a mistake that could coast her a lot. She loves to sneck up on ponies. She hates being wrong and geting emparessed. Plus Lily i'snt the so out going type but once you get to know her she can be a real good freaind.                                            

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