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This character is inactive.

This character has been inactive in our RP for a considerable amount of time, has voluntarily left the RP, or we've never had an account for them.

If this is an Original Character (OC), it shouldn't be re-created, copied, or adopted without the original player's permission. If this is a Show Character or Show-Derived Character, it may be up for adoption, contact the previous player for more information.

Jack Laugh is your average colt, or so you thought! You may see Jack Laugh wandering about Ponyville, looking for a love. He is a nice, rich colt. Please, do not be blinded my his beauty! It is not his fault! But nonetheless, he is an all around good guy.

Jack Laugh is not afraid to get in arguments over a lady. It's happened before! He is definitely a loyal friend, yet he seems to be wrapped up most of the time! Like the large picture? Why, thanks!

Height: 5' 7

Weight: 300 pounds

Favorite activity: Making new friends, oh, and soccer! OCs Earth Ponies Stallions