Ivie Compass is a white unicorn mare in the service of Princess Candance. You can find her residing in the Crystal Palace, where she spends her time waiting on her Lady and overseeing the duties of the staff. 


A bit obsessive, Ivie feels the need to have everything perfect for her Lady. She'll even go to the extreme of disinfecting the entire Crystal Palace once a week, if needed. Determined, strong willed, and a bit hard headed, nothing is too much of a task in her mind.

She takes most quips in stride, if you happen to be Princess Cadance. Anything for her Lady!


Ivie is the hoofmaiden and personal butler to the Crystal Princess. Many times, you'll hear Candance calling her 'Buttless.'

Her status puts her as head of staff, making it her job to make sure everything runs smoothly in the Crystal Palace, even if that means doing the seemingly impossible job herself. Regardless, by the end of the day, everything is as it should be. She's simply one heck of a Buttless.


As her cutiemark hints at, her skill set is mainly focused on formal customs. She also has an in depth knowledge of everything and anything to do with servitude, having mastered any spell relating to the general upkeep of the castle she calls home, along with those pertaining to the comfort of her Lady. 

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