Italian Stallion is a unicorn from a large family in the city of Ponitalia, and as such speaks with a heavy accent. He recently moved to Ponyville and started an authentic Ponitalian restaurant called Grapes and Olives. He is a lover of food of any type, and often tries everything he can get his hooves on, although he is of the firm opinion that Ponitalian food is the best food in Equestria. Italian lives in an old farmhouse, which he is renovating after the style of his family's Ponitalian villa. He is also in the process of cultivating the land around the farmhouse into vineyards and olive gardens, to grow ingredients for his Ponitalian foods. The estate is located about a mile from Ponyville, not too far from Sweet Apple Acres.


Italian is enthusiastic about everything, excitable, and tends to be somewhat eccentric. He is also very extroverted, and likes to meet new ponies and help out ponies when he can. His excess of energy also makes him tend to be a bit sloppy. Although his extroversion and enthusiasm may seem a bit overpoweringly friendly at first, he is a nice pony and a good friend once one gets to know him. Also, the way to his heart is indeed through his stomach.


Although Italian is a unicorn, his magical powers are very limitted in the traditional sense. He can perform basic levitation, but to a weaker degree than his actual physical strength. His magic is restricted almost solely to food-related spells; however, he is quite skilled at them. A few of his spells are as follows:

  • A plant matter maintaining spell, which aids him in the cultivation of grapes and olives.
  • A growth-hastening spell for grapes, olives, and tomatoes.
  • A quality-check spell for food ingredients.
  • A secret Ponitalian flavor-enhancing spell, passed down to him by his father.

Cutie Mark:

Italian's cutie mark is a Ponitalian flag. It could be extrapolated thereby that his special talent is in being Ponitalian. As he seems to be proficient not only in the food, but also in Ponitalian decor and agriculture, this can be considered an accurate analysis.

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