"Inky Doo is a publisher, bookbinder and printer. He runs a print shop in Ponyville that also runs off a broadsheet daily newspaper, mostly weather reports and local news. Inky Doo is probably related to Ditzy Doo's family. He is an expert in typography, and knows Twilight as his books often find their way into Twi's collection. He's the one to talk to if you want to publish a book, as he knows what sells, but will print anything if he's paid."

Description from mlp_twilight 's 10 Suggested OCs .

 mlp_InkyDoo is a gray pegasus pony who owns and operates a print shop in Ponyville. He runs a newspaper for the local news, which you can get from the newspaper box just outside the Town Hall. He knows pretty much all there is to know about typography, just as the description above says, and will print anything for you. He lives in his shop.

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