Infinity Flare is a 11 year old orphan, adopted by Saturn Flare.


Infinity was put into the orphanage at age 4. Not much if not at all is known about her parents... well.. Her real parents, that is.

Infinity was adopted by The Flare Family, when siblings Navi Flare and her brother Saturn Flare decided they wanted another member of the family, seeing as the earlier relatives were unknown as well as Navi's father.


Infinity has a citric style color, sharing the same coat and main color pattern as Stratocoaster. Her eyes are bright red that some of the other children down at the orphanage thought glew in the dark.


As far as personality is concerned, Infinity is very random. However she is very aggressive when it comes to other fillies. In fact, she often fights with her Lucio Flare, her "little auntie", a lot. The two fillies fight over pilliows, beds, who sleeps where and who is the prettiest.

Infinity wonders a lot, sometimes even leaving the house when not given permission to. One night, she ended up in Clockwork's chimney for some appearent reason...


Infinity is aggressive. She can (and most definitely will) speak her mind out loud, maybe not to be mean, but because she doesn't know any better. She will tend to call and elderly mare "old lady" to acknowledge the fact the mare is elderly. Do not take her comments offensively.

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