Indie Flare is the older sister of Navi Flare. She lives with her younger sister at a small house in Ponyville. Indie is a Pegasus


Indie's mane style/design is a common style, a lot of mares in Ponyville share. It is basic blue. Her coat is a light shade of grey (similar to Navi's) and her cutie mark is a the village symbol. Her eyes are a bright shade of cherry red and sometimes the eyes appear to glow at night.

At times, she comes off as irritated when her sister walks the door announced or leaves her room without cleaning it. She often orders her to go find some real friends so that she can continue her side of the chores that need to be done.

Skills and Talents

Indie is a musician and use to play bass in her own un-named band before her mother went missing. She still sings along with the tune of her brother Saturn's guitar playing.

OOC/Player Notes

Indie can take on two conversations at once. However, this OC does not communicate with Rule 34 ponies except for a select few.

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