Twitterponies Wiki

While the core cast of Twitterponies have a huge bag of ideas just waiting to be used, we want to hear from the rest of the ponies out there. We want to hear about what you want to do, the sorts of things that you want to see the core cast doing. What events and scenes do you think we try doing, going into the new year? Or even still, how do you think we can improve over the new year? Got any ideas? We'd like to hear them!

Please put your ideas in the comments down below. Stay civil with one another; I don't like having to do more work than I have to, and deleting rude comments or banning jerks will put me in a bad mood. We're asking for ideas, not for insults, and I'm not going to have any patience for trolling.

Keep in mind a few things; Primarily the guidelines. Actually, no, that's all you need to keep in mind. Keep those in mind when you're making your suggestions. We're not going to do grimdark, we're not going to do uber crossovers or things like that.

Above all else, make sure they're FUN!