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Wonderbolt, Judge and all around role-model for young fillies everywhere.


Ice (Full name Ice Wind, or often reffered to as Icy in short) Is a slender built Filly, but she has muscles. She has a light yellow coat, with a neon blue and white mane and tail. She has orange eyes. Her cutiemark is a frozen lightningbolt scorching an ice cube She is almost always seen in her wonderbolts uniform. She doesn't have an overly powerful move when she reaches high enough speed, but when she does everything in her wake starts to freeze.(not permenently of course)


Ice lives in Cloudsdale in her house, which is located on the most northern peak of Cloudsdale. She likes to keep near the cold. She also spends time at the Wonderbolts training compound, she tours with the Wonderbolts. But has some troubles remembering to set her alarm clock right. She also judges contests, these she never misses. She will always try and keep to eat low-fat food, since she is skilled in manuevering she needs to keep from getting fat.

She also has training in CPR, but she was never part of the VFR. She did however help out the Canterlot fire department with some jobs one summer.


Ice is the most talented manuever in Equestria, when she isn't in the shows she most likely wont show you any special moves or back up her claim. Just watch a show and you'll see what she means. She also often does advertisments for Lotus Pony Shampoo, her favorite shampoo. She receives six-month's worth for every shampoo ad she does.(Her favorite smell is lavender) She has a confident attitude, she knows who she is and will never let anypony tell her otherwise. She will never get into a fight unless she deem's it necessary. This means all kind of fights,(Food, Physical, verbal, you name it)