Helical Gear is a Pegasus from Manehattan where he grew up in his families' business of building and repairing everything from clocks to wagons. Having developed a rebelious streak in his late teens, he sold off all his possessions and took to traveling all over Equestria. Now he is a Night Guard for Princess Luna. He has many friends from inventors to musicians, notably Spark Plug and Snare Beat, whom he considers his little sister.


Helical is, for the most part, calm in most situations. He has a tendancy to be able to switch off during stressful events which helps him focus on what he's doing. He is quite an open pony with a strong head for everything intricate and always has time for anyone willing to talk to him and frequently goes out of his way to help someone out.


Dapper Helical Gear

Helical in his gear-adorned suit.

Helical appears physically to be fairly athletic and strong. His brown coat is fine with a healthy sheen which is only off-set by his deep red mane and tail wich has golden highlights. He frequently wears a green canvas "officer" style cap with a pair of brass-framed flying goggles placed on the cap when not flying.

His cutie mark stands out on his flank in a golden-brass colour in the shape of two gears, a large gear engaging a smaller gear to show his talent in fixing and building things.

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