Harmony Hope is a Pegasus who resides on the outskrits of Ponyville. His house is located on the path to Sweet Apple Acres, right near the Ponyville Community Compost Bin. His cutie mark is a "G"-clef with three music notes, which indicates his talent with music.

Special Talents, Traits, and History:

Harmony Hope is built more like an Earth Pony than a Pegasus. He is strong, but also tends toward stoutness, especially if there's a regular supply of apple treats nearby. Harmony is slightly smaller in stature than most young stallions, and is often mistaken for an older-aged colt given his unusualy body shape.

Harmony was adopted by a faming family in the south of Equestria. When the farm went under, they moved to Appleloosa, hoping to find some new farmland there. When it was clear that many of the Earth Pony foals would rather shun Harmony for being a Pegasus instead of embracing his winged heritage, Harmony was sent to Canterlot Academy to live and study there.

After a rigorous testing process, it was determined that Harmony's talent lay somewhere in the arts, though whether visual, dramatic, written or performing was yet to be seen, as the pony's unique life history made it natural for him to want to express himself in many different mediums. Despite an affinity toward visual arts, music seemed to resonate best with the pony's experiences; his cutie mark bloomed shortly afterward.

Harmony's "friendship trait" is Loyalty. He's honest, almost to a fault, and is a friend for life once you get to know him. He's always up for a bit of conversation, or perhaps some fun. He prefers to think of himself as an Earth Pony more than a Pegasus, and his personality reflects that upbringing. 

How to Interact with Harmony Hope:

Tagging Harmony in the roleplay isn't that much trouble, but he can be busy sometimes, so please don't be offended if he doesn't respond. These little details will help to have smooth RP with the carrot mare of Ponyville -

  1. Make sure you @ mention Harmony to get his attention.
  2. Do NOT interrupt a scene he is currently in if it's noticeably important or private.
  3. Harmony's house is always open to visitors. Just stop by, if he's there, he'll answer!
  4. If Harmony follows you and you him, then his name will not need to be @ mentioned constantly.

Harmony also has a tumblr page where you can ask him anything you like.

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