Glass Glasses, or just glasses, as she likes to be called, is a Unicorn Pony. She comes from a far away land called Malvernistan. After collage, she decided that she wanted to go somewhere faw away from Malvernistan. One of her friends was talking about this far away land called Equestria. Her friend was just in Equestria's capital, Canterlot, for an exchange program. Also, the friend happened to have a brochure. After reading the brochure, Glasses decided that Equestria was the place she wanted to be. After saying goodbye to her friends and family, a week later, she packed her bags and started the long journey to Equesttia. When Glasses finally made it to Equestria on 3 February 2014, she was faced with a conundrum: The brochure mentioned two great places: Canterlot and Ponyville. She could not decide where she wanted to stay. Eventually, she chose ponyville and attended an after birthaversary party. Later on, she tries to sell sunglasses, unsucessfully to a couple ponies. She also owns a shop, Glasses, the Store where she sells sun- and normal glasses

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