Gigglepony lives with Cinema who she is married to. She also lives with Breeze, her sister; Dashing, her son; and LightRay, her daughter. She works for the Royal Secret Service (RSS) and is receiving training from Tailsin to become a bard. Shee also has an acrobatic cutie mark. She is 21.


As a young filly Gigglepony showed a prowess in gymnastics, so her parents enrolled her in a school of gymnastics. All was well until her teacher started teaching...different things. swordplay, stealth, martial arts, you name it. Slowly but surley, Gigglpony was inducted into the Assassin's creed. Trusting her parent's judgement, Gigglepony went along with it. Some years later Gigglepony, then called "Lightning", was a master Ninja Assassin. She also had developed some mysterious powers that run in the family. Her entire family has unique powers over elements. The powers are great, but are used at high risk. The powers can leave its user with permanant damage to their owner. Gigglepony was called Lightning because of her powers over electricity and magnetivity. Eventually Lightning began to see coruptions in the brotherhood. Shocked at how bad it was, she and a small group of ponies called the rouges, left the brotherhood. But leaving was not so easy. Her little sister, Breeze (named for her wind powers), was kidnpped and also inducted in the brotherhood. Gigglepony lost all of her friends. Lost and alone, Lightning decided to discard her brotherhood name and start again. She chose the name "Gigglepony" in hopes that someday she ould live up to that name. For years Gigglepony searched for Breeze. She finally gave up the search in PonyVille where she finally came out of hiding...

A Bard in Training

With nothing to do with her life, Gigglepony searched for ways to use her acrobatic skills. She had heared of a local bard and she decided to see if he could give her a challenge. Tailsin set up an obstacle course in which she passed with flying colors. Devoid of friends, she began to hang around Tailin more and more until he offered to train her to be a bard. She gladly accepted.

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