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A gardener from Neighpon who specializes in tree care, and is currently working part time for Roseluck. She has a few strange hobbies revolving around spiritualism, and sometimes trains with the two stun-swords her father gave her, but on most days she can be found in the company of Terra Viridis.


Full Bloom is a pony with a personality that is hard to explain. She's normally quite kind, and a bit giggly; but she also has a side that can be quite serious.

She's happiest when napping beneath a cherry blossom tree, but is generally happy most of the time anyways. She loves meeting new ponies, though isn't always perfect with remembering their names at first.

Despite being trained in swordplay and being able to channel her Ki into stun bolts, Bloom is still quite nervous when confronted with the prospect of combat, and will actively seek to avoid it; especially if she's unarmed at the moment.

She also displays an amazing comprehension of knowledge regarding spirits and magic. Though she can't comprehend the actual magic behind unicorn (Mana) magic, and so cannot convey how to do anything with it, even if she understands how it could all fit together.

(Eg, she knows that unicorn magic could quickly light a fire at a distance with 8 units of spectral light mana, and 15 units of fire mana using the methods "Ignis" "Remotus" and "Citus", but couldn't tell a unicorn how to use any of the specific methods, or how to focus in on any of the elements they'd need to channel... Or if she could, it would probably take 50 times as long as just getting a match would take.)




Full Bloom was actually once a crossover of Youmu Konpaku, from Project Touhou. She has since lost all resemblance save for a love of cherry petals, some level of competency with swords, and coloration.

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