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Freefall loves living life on the edge one day, and relaxing by a warm fire the next. His ideal way to spend the day? trying to outfly the wind.


While he is always willing to help those in need, he tends bite off more than he can chew, and often makes things worse.


Not much is known about this lovable little colt, he was orphaned at a young age and raised by the Everfree forest's various species of fruit bats. before being orphaned, he once stumbled upon a rare batch of red poison joke in the depths of the Everfree forest, with no known cure, and with so much time having passed, he has adapted to effects. rather than the poison joke taking effect randomly like the blue counterpart, the red acts primarily during heightened emotional reactions. It's effect on Freefall? it swaps his gender to female temporarily.


Having spent the majority of his life in the wilds of the Everfree, he has learned to react quickly, relying on his heightened sense of hearing and (at night) night vision.


2014: Placed 7th in Ponyville's annual Running of the Leaves. he was the youngest competitor to reach the top ten, proudly representing not only the Batponies, but the rest of his classmates.

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