Flush Melody is a kind and cheerful unicorn. She loves doing anything the has to do with music, but also likes to spend time with friends as well. Flush Melody has always dreamed ever since she was a young filly that she could join a music group and share her special talent of both singing and composing music with the ponies all around Equestria.


Flush is from the city of Fillydelphia, where her mother (Sunny Night) and her brother (Rapid Shadow) still live. When there was a talent show at her school when she was a filly, Flush Melody thought about participating in it, which she did. She decided to do singing for the show. Shortly after she was done singing, and given a huge round of applause from the ponies who went to see it, Flush Melody knew right away that her place was music. She then received her cutie mark; a heart with a music note as well.

Moving to Ponyville

When she was old enough, Flush Melody then moved to Ponyville to get away from the big city. She just moved there not to long ago, so she barely has any friends. Her house is near the castle where Princess Twilight Sparkle lives, as well as where she runs the School of Friendship. Another thing that the music talented unicorn wants to do is intend the Friendship School, where she could possibly learn the magic of friendship... as well as have a change to make some friends.



Even before her school's talent show, Flush Melody loved to either hum or sing anything that came into her mind. She was able to share one of them of the songs that she loved with the ponies at the talent show.


A little bit before the unicorn moved away, she would sit down in her bedroom and write with short stories or songs, which she did the most. Flush Melody would also attend birthday parties of anypony, and would show off both her singing and the songs that she wrote.

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