Fluffy Cipher is a friendly, fluffy, werepony mare from Ponyville. She has a grey/ dark grey coat, mane and tail, she has blue eyes and sharp fangs. Her cutiemark is of a cipher wheel and paw. She can usually be found in ponyville (most likely at Sugar Cube Corner) or in the Everfree forest. She LOVES cake and anything sweet if offered food she will gladly accept. She likes to be called "Cipher" by most as to her it "Sounds cooler". She was born a perminant werepony, this leads to her fluffy and "wolf like" appearence as she is technically still a werepony during the day, although she acts like a normal pony. This also sometimes leads to her acting "wolf like" sometimes such as playing with sticks or chasing things.


Fluffy is a very cheerful mare, she loves being around friends and always seems hyper and bubbly.


At night Cipher becomes a wolf, she is friendly unless angered or attacked, but at a full don't want to be around her, she becomes violent and unpredictable, attacking anything that approaches her.


Fluffy enjoys drawing, baking and traveling, she likes drawing as she is creative, she likes baking because she loves eating what she makes after wards and she likes traveling as she finds it nice to trots around to new places and meet different pony's.


Cipher's job is to decipher maps, languages and scrolls (etc.) that she has been given by her clients, she enjoys her job and will never turn down customer. In her spare time she also enjoys baking enchanted cupcakes and muffins that have different potions as a main ingredient, she sometimes sell's these for some extra bits.

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