Fire Blossom Is A Longma, also known as a Dragon pony.


Even though she loves adventure and danger, due to collecting new plants, Blossom is relatively a shy mare. More so around colts. When shes not out and about, you can find her held up in her greenhouse. Tending her plants and making concoctions from her numerous collection of exotic and unique collection.

Origin of her birth parents

Baby Fire Blosom

Baby Blossom

Even Though Gentle Flame and Silver Note are her Mothers, she is not related to any of them by blood.

Fire Blossom's biological parents are a bit of a mystery, but after spending a week in Appaloosa, she found a female dragon that shared her likeness. It took her some nerves to approach the full-grown dragoness, but was rewarded for her bravery. The Dragonesses name was Mirdeth, and was in fact her mother. Blossom asked her about her father, but was never shared on who it might be. Blossom was only told with a firm gaze that "Phantom will bring you no happiness. only pain*

Job and Hobbies

Blossom's main job is selling and growing of exotic plant product. Be it for food, potions, or just gifts to another pony. Though some of her exotic plants are unfit for sales, so she also holds a tours in her greenhouse, which is enchanted with a compressed space spell from her mother Silver.

Blossom also works at Palace of friendship for Twilight Sparkle as the Horticulturist/Exotic Plant Expert. Even though Twilight is whom she works for, Miss Eris is whom she follows first for the caring and planting of the Castles plants.

Dragon Magic

Fire and Ice breath - Blossom can breath ether one when she wishes at a moments notice, but if used over a extended time, drys her throat.

Electric shock- Takes time to charge, but one can tell when she's charging when her horns glow and spark.

Piller of light - not really a harmful spell, but calls forth a pillar of blinding light. Blossom also uses this to help her plants get enough light for the day.

Dragon marked curse - Tends to only be used when Blossom is in a fit of rage, and main purpose is to be a magnet for her magic.

Healing aura - With a special mix of her breaths, Blossom can make a soothing mist that helps mend wounds. Though isn't ment to heal them.

Exotic Plants


When first created before added to Twitter, Fire Blossom was a baby dragon for Season 2 MLP Roleplaying is magic

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