Fire Blast (or Blast, as he likes to go by) is a simple Pegasus pony who moved to Ponyville to start anew. Before, he had lived in Baltimare with his family, but soon found that the life they wanted for him, wasn't the life he wanted for himself. Since then, he's become the local park pony. Inspecting benches, having conversations with benches, sleeping on benches, and more! He's also the proud Co-owner of the Ammer 'N Tongs forge, where he neglects working at. But don't be fooled, Blast has become quite the blacksmith over the years, thanks to the techniques he was taught there. But that's not all, he Co-owns Ambitions Burning, which is apart of the "Burning Ambitions" chain of stores. It's a sports store, in his living room. Lastly, he works at the Taco Palace in Ponyville. Despite his lazy demeanor, he's still finding work all over the place, even if he doesn't mean to.


Not much is known about Fire's foalhood, other than the fact that he was home schooled. This may be the biggest factor in his rather uneducated demeanor. Despite this, he spent much of his time practicing to be a stunt flier. He may not fly much these days, but if you ask him, he can pull off some nifty stunts.

Cutie Mark

Fire's cutie mark is a fire ball that's supposed to represent his burning passion. He may not be good at much, but when he wants something, he'll give it everything he's got. One can tell when Blast's heart is not into something, as he'll act like he has no interest what-so-ever, and become extremely lazy. He earned his mark when he refused to ever take his Dad's sunglasses off. Fire continued to wear those sunglasses all the way until his third month in Ponyville, where his marefriend finally convinced him to show his eyes.


When Blast first moved to Ponyville in November of 2013, he had no money, and no home. The only thing he took with him was a rad pair of shades. He took refuge under the park benches for months, and from there, he would forever owe a debt to those benches. It didn't take him long to go job hunting, as he didn't want to mooch off of public property forever. In his first week of living in Ponyville, he began work at the Ammer 'N Tongs forge, where he helped business boom after much trial and error.


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