Feather May is a Pegasus currently residing in Ponyville.


Feather May has a passion for birds. When she was a filly, she suffered from terrible acrophobia. Her condition was keeping her grounded, causing her wings to grow weak and frail. To ease her anxiety, her mother obtained a scarlet macaw to keep as a companion. The young pegasus yearned to play with her bird companion, and so she learned to overcome her fears over time. Now she adores flying and explores the skies as often as she can.

She's taken up bird breeding as a profession. Her pet shop specializes in birds and parrots, some of which have been trained to learn how to speak.


She is unabashedly bubbly and jovial. She takes any kindness as approval and a sign of friendship, even the most minor and fleeting gestures. It stems not from desperation but naïveté.


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