This page will serve as an information page for all current faerie characters. If interested in creating a fae character, please contact Titania.

Seelie Court

  • Queen Titania - Queen of the Seelie Court and ruler of Faerie from spring to fall
  • King Oberon - King Consort to Titania
  • Celinette - loyal steward to Titania
  • Puck - Court jester and steward to Oberon
  • Syrinx - Huntress and leader of the fae guard
  • North Star - Titania's "Chosen" and herald of the Seelie Court

Unseelie Court

  • Queen Mab - Queen of the Unseelie Court and ruler of Faerie in winter
  • Crow's Call - King of the Unseelie Court
  • Hemlock - Member of the Unseelie Court, general mischief maker

Other Faerie Characters

  • Cold Snap - ice faerie banished from the Seelie Court
  • Jynx - rogue queen, currently residing in a realm within the Ponyville fountain
  • Feria - long-lost faerie, currently living in Ponyville
  • Fae Guard - utility account, please approach if wanting scenes within Faerie
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